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Weik Capital Management consults closely with its clients to determine their objectives and develop appropriate allocation plans. An Investment Policy Statement is then derived from this information, all of which is recorded for future reference by both client and advisor. Clients are requested to communicate any changes in their circumstances that may possibly impact their investment objectives.

The client's objectives and portfolio plan are communicated to the firm's portfolio managers verbally and through our company's information system. Our information system also includes internal "buy," "sell," and "watch" lists supervised by our Chief Investment Officer. These lists may include specific action prices.

Portfolio management is conducted using a team approach that typically involves reviews by different team members on multiple occasions each month. Reviews may be driven by changes with respect to the general market or individual issues. In-depth reviews are accomplished by at least one team member each month. Additional reviews are undertaken by the Chief Investment Officer, who also monitors all trading activity.

We manage both equity portfolios and balanced portfolios. Equities are generally selected with an objective of long-term appreciation. Portfolio turnover is much lower than that of the industry at large. Fixed-income securities are conservatively selected to provide income, stability, and relative safety. Depending on client objectives, we may employ Treasuries, agencies, corporates, or municipals in a balanced portfolio. If appropriate, our portfolios may contain no-load mutual funds or other instruments selected to provide greater diversification, safety, and liquidity.